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Survey Sector

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Survey Sector

It is very difficult for any company’s or firm’s field employee to maintain the reporting procedures of survey activity done by them. It is difficult to maintain day-to-day activities like Daily Sales Report, Visiting Report, Survey Report or any field report Collection and Submission using traditional pen & paper. Because these are much time consuming for employee & much cost for company. We are elevating this problem by our innovative solutions.

Form Box is an innovative platform where existing from are quickly and easily digitized. With drag drop features create complex forms in few minutes and deploy them to app or web. Connect multiple form and create your own app.

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Solution: Form Box

⇒Security & Privacy

⇒Works with out internet also

⇒Google Sheet Integration

⇒Image & Geo-location Enable

⇒Dynamic Multiple Forms

⇒Form Builder Option Available

⇒AI based OCR Scanner

⇒App Builder Option Available

⇒Analyze your data with powerful BI tool

⇒Flexible Billing as low as Rs. 0.40 per response

⇒Features full Admin dashboard

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