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About Us

Our Process

A solid process plan is the foundation for the successful completion of any project. At the core of every creative task we handle, we clearly define the below vital queries:

› Basic objective of the project

› Identifying the target customers

› Gauging the clients needs and preferences

› Clarity in communication

› Distinguishing the branding from the competition

To effectively manage projects, we follow the 4D (Define, Design, Develop, Deliver) approach to project management, which encompass and involves the customer as well as the client’s customer. This proven and successful model has also helped us align our project delivery methodology to best practices in the industry.

Delivery Model

Our proven, global delivery model takes the 4D phased approaches: Define – Design – Develop – and Deliver. Each phase includes a dedicated expert resource and project specific milestones. Defining the client’s requirements for a project involves a complete analysis of the business environment, industry trends, products / service strategy and end customer demographics. This helps us in designing an optimum service, and developing it to ensure future scalability and adaptability.

We measure our success in the values … that our works bring to our clients.This methodology has helped us in delivering consistent quality services.

Our Partners

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