Ionox Software

“Software Development Service”

Delivery Model

Our proven, global delivery model takes the 4D Phased approaches:Define - Design - Develop - and Deliver. Each phase includes a dedicated expert resource and project specific milestones.Defining the client's requirements for a project involves a complete analysis of the business environment, industry trends, products,.....

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service strategy and end customer demographics. This helps us in designing an optimum service, and developing it to ensure future scalability and adaptability. We measure our success in the values ... that our works bring to our clients.This methodology has helped us in delivering consistent quality services.

Your Advantages

Offshore outsourcing of IT and Software development and other services from Ionox Software provides several distinct advantages including:

› Improved focus on your core activity, resulting in increased productivity
› Availability of skilled manpower at considerably less rate

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› Wider options in choosing your partner
› Considerably less risk
› Access to latest technology and knowledge sharing
› High scalability
› Improved performance and bottom line

Our Products

  • School Management System
  • College Management System
  • Online Competitive Exams System
  • Educational Accounting Software
  • Bank Collection Software
  • Stock Management Software
  • Retail / Whole Sale Biling Software
  • Hotel Management Software
  • Hospital Management Software
  • Multi Level Marketing Software
  • Architect & 3D Design Service

Our Success

>Our clients have achieved 10%-15% Growth in Sales of their Products through our Online Marketing Service.

>Our NGO clients have globalised their social activities trough their websites designed by us.

>Many Educational Institutes have improved thier status through us.

Ionox Software:: Creating Value


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